Windows Server Support

Today, businesses are more dependent than ever on technology. From basic daily operations and business applications, to running services and networks; almost every aspect of a business is reliant on technology. Therefore, ensuring that this technology is up and running correctly is extremely critical.

Proteusnetworks provides the services you need to help manage these technological systems and minimize any downtime.

Our support services are designed to help manage the complexity of system and network management. Many companies are not able to provide the required training to their internal resources, and we can help take that pressure off.

Proteusnetworks Infrastructure Support Services:

  • Database and Windows Server Management
  • Upgrades, Patches, and Fixes Management
  • Server Installation and Configuration
  • User Security Management
  • Database Migration
  • Database Tuning
If you’d like to learn more about Windows Serevers and how we can help you to benefit from it, give us a call today: